If you want curtains that will last a lifetime and will be truly unique then bespoke curtains are what you need.


From your initial free consultation we will work to create the bespoke curtains you want for your windows.

Our made to measure curtains are hand-sewn, weighted, inter-lined (the padding that makes them look luxurious and fluffy while helping retain heat and giving them structure) and then hand-lined and your chosen hand formed heading is created.


If there is more than one width of fabric then the patterns are matched across the curtain to give you an almost seamless join. If you have more than one curtain the pattern will run with the eye around the room.

We provide you with the complete service from the fabric for the curtains to what they hang on, tie-backs, pelmets everything that will finish of your curtains and make your room stunning!

 Call or email for your free measurement and consultation.