End of Summer Observations

August 21, 2015

Well I have made it through the wedding season and I mostly have my sanity in tact (although others may disagree), so I thought it was time to evaluate my first year and a half in business and see how we are doing since the move South. 


  • Routines and plans mean less stress

  • This job has definite seasons

  • Tailor your business to suit you (pun not intended but a happy coincidence!)

  • Business has doubled 

  • Great customer service = Happy Customers = Happy Jen!

  • I will always need more room and more equipment!


Plans for the next year


  • Become completely financially reliant on Sewing

  • Keep growing

  • Continue the good work so far

  • Keep analysing and improving techniques and efficiencys


Here are some photos to show what has been keeping me busy this summer.


The client had torn a hole in his jacket and had the clever idea of using a zip to disguise the repair.


Adding a corset back to a wedding or evening dress is a great way to add inches to a snug dress, I have done a few of these this year!

This clients dog had got hold of a couple of their coats, this repair was to the lining so luckily this made this coat 100% wearable again.

And finally, the bridesmaid dresses for my sisters wedding, as you can see we had a beautiful mum to be in our trio which meant finding a pattern was challenging but we got there. 



Hopefully I will be able to prioritise this blog a bit now and be back soon to let you know whats going on in the sewing cave!

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